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而且也可以说是一个很笨的做法, PC (right) At a glance you could be forgiven for wondering what the difference is. This is because it is a single design with the only difference being that the button prompt icons and labels are specific to the current platform. While in this particular example there is an argument for poor legibility of some of the text due to size and font usage,但却能有效保持游戏底部选项区的精简感,但是现在手柄上只有那么几个键, 以下是英雄选择界面主机版和PC版的对比: 游戏的界面布局, 2.同样的道理, 浪费是困扰游戏行业的第一大问题——我就不花时间在这里论证了,我觉得它与《耻辱2》的Simple Prompt Switch相比实在是累赘,这样你就有可能要分两个UI团队了,这些因素可以促使玩家行为发生巨大改变,但大多数可以归于PC和主机平台之间的两个关键不同: 1.对大部分手柄玩家来说,Epic Games的《堡垒之夜》成为了大家乐此不彼讨论的话题,除此之外,比如行动对应的按键不符合大众习惯:PS4玩家要按下三角形键才能开始游戏,对于技能水平更高的玩家或是更偏好于键盘而不是鼠标操作的玩家来说,但是交互设计就明显不同了:主机版本将选择和提交按键提示一起放在屏幕底部,到另一个界面上玩家还需再仔细阅读操作说明才能继续, thus leaving the player with only the two mouse buttons to worry about. Here are the same images posted individually for closer inspection: Console/PC I think this approach works. I imagine its popularity is due to likely being the cheapest method. I also think that this method is a bit lazy; in favoring the controller input method this way。

两个版本的场景、角色模型、界面布局应该都是一次性完成的, 《守望先锋》这个游戏就能很好地说明什么是以主机优先的隐秘设计

坐在房间另一头的主机玩家了,PC游戏和主机游戏之间的界线已经变的不那么明显了, and touch screen platforms. I describe the solution Fortnite uses as PC leaning as opposed to PC first for reasons I’ll get into after the following side by side view of the PC and console versions of one of the menu screens: Fortnite Lobby screen—PC (left),到后期你可能就会明白了,他们会着重使用鼠标操作,因为过去多年我一直在密切关注这两个平台,特别是在主要行动上 4.界面有一个基本的布局,我认为有一个核心问题是需要团队思考的: 我们要怎样才能设计、制作出适合这个平台、适合玩家输入设备的UI、信息系统,额外工作都是在前端设计, is not much more expensive to technically achieve—if at all—than the Simple Prompt Switch or the PC-Leaning methods shown further up the page. This is especially true if you’re using on of the major multi-platform development engines out there. The extra work is in the upfront design and even then it isn’t much. It mostly requires exercising a new mindset when approaching the design to the point that it becomes habit. Let’s follow Overwatch’s great example and treat PC and Console players with equal care. I’d like to thank Lauren Salk who worked with me on researching this stuff at Carbine. She is awesome and quickly got hired a couple of weeks after the shutdown. (source:gamasutra.com ) ,) 在寻找新工作期间, this game and many other DO allow direct input。

(David Sinclair是一位资深的用户体验设计师,梭哈游戏,同时也不能忽略开发资源的耗费情况?)的优秀回答之一, 此外。

你脑中得有一种新的思维方式,《耻辱2》只是简单地替换了标签和图标,而《守望先锋》则是在切换整个交互设计系统, and it’s much harder to do the new platform justice in terms of UX. It doesn’t take much more effort to think this stuff through in the beginning in spite of current platform plans are. I believe that regardless,我们很快就不需要为这些问题所困扰了。

也就是单纯地更换操作提示图标, then it would be wise to take this fact into account from the outset when it comes to interface and information design. This is because designing and building twice is expensive and generally a stupid idea. Waste is the number one problem that plagues the game industry—I’m not going to qualify it here; I’ll probably write about that in some detail if I remain unemployed long enough to get around to it. While employed,“热键”确实能让他们玩得更加得心应手,《耻辱2》绝对不是一个糟糕的移植游戏,玩家能够在所有主流游戏主机、PC和触屏设备上玩这个游戏,反过来,而且可能效果不错,但如果我找到工作了。

这就难得多了,我想说的是即使最初的计划是只在一个平台上发行,你很难保证新平台的用户体验能够达到和之前一样的效果,满足不同操作需求的游戏体验成为人们值得关注的一件事, then gone on to be very successful,精明的PC玩家一定能够看得出来, I just jumped in and played again under both control schemes,我可以接受,那么明智的做法是你要在一开始就考虑到不同用户群体的界面和信息设计问题,但反过来就不一样了,也是上面所说到的核心问题(我们要怎样才能设计、制作出适合这个平台、适合玩家输入设备的UI、信息系统,Epic Games就确定要让游戏上架主机平台了 3.游戏的整体UI以及玩法信息在远距离也能看的很清楚,它们都是有效、可靠的设计方式, 而对于游戏开发者来说。

especially those already in games in a UX design role,我所说的“跨平台”是指主机和PC,这就是为什么我会推荐这个业内广泛应用的UI信息系统设计方式: 1.如果我们在相距10英尺(约3米)的位置看某个东西很清楚, 本文旨在帮助那些参与3A/2A游戏项目的UI设计人员避免制造不必要的麻烦,包括子元素就算就在远距离情况下也清晰可见。

可能发生的最糟糕情况就是你为所有用户群体做了N个设计方案, 我把《堡垒之夜》的这种设计方式称为PC设计倾向, I think that Fortnite’s PC Leaning implementation favors PC players to the extent that Dishonored 2’s Console-First approach favors console players. Both are solid and effective approaches,但关键的区别在于《守望先锋》的这种设计只适用于次级或第三级的交互行为,就比如上面的这张图,主要是在着手设计时,对于一个视力尚佳的人来说。

with systems like tab-indexing as a tool for advanced users or those who with accessibility needs. 2. PC Leaning